The topic of whether buying or building a house is a tough one, and at last, boils down to some personal preferences. But, taken in absolutely money-related terms, the decision to construct or buy comes down to a couple of key elements.

Area, value,  property taxes, market trends, homeowners association fees and the state of the property are figured into the house search. Additionally, every purchaser normally has a list of things that incorporates specific needs (the things the purchaser totally must have) and wants (the highlights the purchaser might want however could manage without if vital).

While the home-buying process includes various significant decisions, one of the absolute first choices buyers need to make is whether to look for a current home or construct a new one. Every way has its benefits and drawbacks.

In this blog, we will have a look at both the sides of advantages and drawbacks for the above cases.

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Let us take a look at the expense of building a house, considering the median price you’ll pay for an empty block of land across some of Australia’s capitals. The evaluated construction costs are for a three-room brick facade home on a level block of land with a medium finish quality.

  • In Sydney, the median lot cost is $450,000. The maximum estimated construction cost is $180,810, so the all-out value is $630,810.
  • Inside Melbourne, the median lot cost is $330,000, the maximum estimated construction cost is $195,275, so all-out value is $525,275.
  • In Brisbane, the median lot cost is $232,500, the maximum estimated construction cost is $207,932, so the total value is $440,432.

(Source: CoreLogic, BMT Quantity Surveyors)

Presently how about we balance this with the expense of purchasing an existent house in every capital city. As indicated by the most recent median house price report from Domain, this is the cost you’d be looking at to purchase an existent house:

  • In Sydney, the median house price is $1,150,357
  • Within Melbourne, the median house price is $914,518
  • In Brisbane, the median house price is $557,214

(Source: Domain Group)


Now in the wake of taking in all these analytics and including stamp duty costs, let us see, which would be helpful, building a new house or purchasing an existential house:

  • In Sydney, the total construction price is $794,252.50 and buying price is $1,199,119. Along these lines, here building a new house is $404,866.50 less expensive.
  • For Melbourne, the total construction price is $661,463.75 and buying price is $964,464. Accordingly, here building a new house is $303,000.25 less expensive.
  • In Brisbane, the all outbuilding cost is $542,624.80 and purchasing cost is $564,389. For this case, here building a new house is $21,764.20 less expensive.

In any case, the building versus buying problem boils down to substantially more than cost. Eventually, the choice has more to do with the sort of home and home purchasing experience you’re looking for. An established home can have the advantage of being situated near transport and amenities. It can have the character and charm that accompany a long history.

A recently built home can enable you to suit the layout and structure to your own needs and tastes. While the expense of construction as opposed to buying is effectively quantifiable, the genuine value of the two decisions comes down to you.


Building a new home doesn’t offer similar accommodation to purchasing an existing house. In addition to the fact that you have to find the land, which may not be in a current neighbourhood. You likewise need to factor in an opportunity to find an architect or builder and choose each element of the new structure.

Joining a current development can streamline the procedure. However, it might restrict your level of decision. You likewise need to stress over systems, regardless of whether the land gives you access to city water and sewage, or requires a well and septic system, alongside any environmental and other permits.

The benefit here is you are significantly more prone to get exactly what you want. For some, this factor alone is sufficient to decide to build over purchasing, yet there are different preferences as well. A new house is increasingly effective, particularly with the new vitality codes including better HVAC [heating, ventilation, and cooling], protection and air filtration norms.


A new house may truly be better for you. It is less likely to have health concerns or poisonous materials of a more seasoned home – things, for example, asbestos, lead paint, mould, and so on. Furthermore, it tends to be built with specific materials which makes it better for the environment.

Additionally, green appliances or energy star rated appliances, and increasingly effective toilets, plumbing installations, and electrical fixtures enable you to build “green” for a progressively manageable home over the long haul. Also, you have the alternative to install, sleeve as well as wire for future innovation redesigns, for example, home automation and solar.

Even though the forthright expenses of a building can be higher, it might be simpler to recover your investment. You can make huge profits with the resale of your new home. A modern home is normally more engaging than a more established home to a great many people. Also, a new home will require fewer fixes and less maintenance, which can set aside both cash and time. You’ll have a guarantee with a new home, so regardless of whether something goes wrong, you may, in any case, be secured.

Money and highlights aside, constructing a house can prompt a degree of fulfilment that you can’t accomplish through purchasing a current home. There is an unequivocal inclination of an enthusiastic association with living in a new home that you have made. The new-home smell, nobody else has stepped foot (or pets) on your rug. This is your creation that matches your style and character, that you created from scratch.


Cost is a certain something, yet there are more issues to think about when settling on building or purchasing a home. We’ve listed them for you.



At the point when you construct a home, you get the capacity to tweak it as per your preferences, and you can select materials and fixtures to suit your necessities. A few moneylenders offer home construction loans which empower you to get funds in stages, rather than a lump sum amount. Furthermore, you don’t need to stress over old pipes, wiring and appliances breaking down for some time.


Building a home can take extensively longer than moving into an already established home. While various builders offer fixed-price contracts with build-time guarantees. Also, considering that specific council approvals can take time relying upon what you have at the top of the priority list. It likewise pays to factor in unexpected delays because of nasty climate. Choosing a good contractor expects you to do some research because a broken or incorrectly constructed segment can take additional time and money to fix. On the off chance that you intend to have a garden, it can take a long time before the trees grow completely.



Purchasing a house is helpful, contrasted with building one. All you need is loan pre-approval and search for homes that suit your budget. When you make all the necessary approvals, you can begin planning to move. Contingent upon where you purchase, purchasing a home can frequently be less expensive than building one. Purchasing a home can likewise offer you more choices as far as areas. Given that vacant lots are not especially simple to drop by in neighborhoods that have been around for some time. Numerous homes also come with landscaping.


Perhaps the greatest drawback to purchasing an existent home is that you will be unable to remodel or change it in the manner you want. Also, it’s frequently difficult to locate a home that matches your specifications down to the last detail. Purchasing a home can likewise expect you to spend cash for fixes or to fix it up. You probably won’t account for every one of these costs when taking out a home loan, bringing about an additional financial burden down the line. Old homes require a careful examination of pipes, wiring and appliances before you choose to buy them.


With regards to settling on a new build or an existent property, there are pros and cons with both. You have to weigh up what is significant to you, and which sort of property has the more option of being chosen.

Regardless of whether you start your home search set on finding the ideal existing property, you may wind up choosing to work to get exactly what you want. On the other hand, you may anticipate building and later choose an existing home is a superior fit. In either case, working with a certified and experienced professional – regardless of whether that is a realtor or a general contractual worker – can help guarantee the procedure goes as easily as could reasonably be expected.

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